Animal Farm, where the pigs rule

Animal Farm                       kcd4vkqxjqw4uwijctvu

“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others

This George Orwell classic left me speechless. Its about a group of animals who decide to take over a farm and kick their human owners out. But the pigs take control, and the result is bloody and tyrannical. This book is a sly satire of the Russian Revolution, and many events in the book can be traced back to things that really happened. For example, one of the pigs is based on Joseph Stalin.

This book is very well written, surprising and even darkly funny at times. It’s a very short read, and feels a bit like a roller coaster. Except that instead of up and down you just fall, screaming along with the animals in this book. Some charecters are lovable, others evil. But be warned: this is no Winnie the Pooh, talking animals aside.

There are some very dark moments, like when there is an execution and after wards all the animals sing their anthem, over and over. Soon an order comes from the head pig- the song is now banned. You should defintly read it if you like political satire, talking animals, or short dystopias.

Rating:      4stars2 (4/5 stars)

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