9 Valentine’s Day Reads

Hi, and happy almost Valentine’s Day! Congratulations to every couple, and to those staying home reading like me, well here are-

9 Valentine’s Day Reads for when you’re happy, sad, or lovesick:

9. Fangirlimage

This story within a book by Rainbow Rowell is a cute, classic take on first loves, fanfiction, and college. Any Harry Potter fan should read it for the Harry Potter references and throwbacks. The plot centers around a shy college freshman named Cath, who is an avid Baz and Simon shipper, an identical twin, and about to fall in love.

Why I love you- The light tone and the two love stories.

8. Every Day

By David Levithan, this imperfect story of unstoppable love is more than intriguing. Every Day is about a teenager who switches bodies every day, between different genders, races, and lifestyles. They have named themselves A, and have learned to never get too attached to a life. Until they fall in love, and then nothing can stop them.

Why I like like you- Even though you’re not perfect, the questions and scenarios you raise are engrossing.

7. The Princess Brideimage

Adventure, sword fights, and love- this modern classic is epic and funny. You might have seen the movie, and the book is even better. All 493 pages are the story of a young man’s struggles to reunite with the girl of his dreams. There is some jokes about the publishing industry which no one really get, but it’s all in the fun of it.

Why I want to be your bride- Your witty dialogue and satirical stories are hysterical and you are so quotable. Plus Westley in the movie is really hot.

“My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.”

6. The Knife of Never Letting Go trilogy

Though not a love story, the friendship in this story deserves its own holiday. Todd and Viola have an unlikely meeting, but once they are friends they will track each other down no matter what. Saving each other at every turn from the dystopian government and insane villains, it doesn’t even matter that they’re not in love. The books in this series are wonderful, if you can get past the talking dog.

Why you’re that friend I flirt with sometimes- Trapped between three armies, hard decisions,  and betrayals, the main characters’ loyalty never wavers.

5. Carry Onimage

Also by Rainbow Rowell, this book further explores the relationship between Baz and Simon- aka Draco and Harry. They go to Watford, destroy their enemies with help from Penny, and try not to face the tension that holds them apart. No spoilers, but this book is basically every Drarry shippers dream. Though their love story is fun to read even if you’ve never flipped though Harry Potter.

Why I’m going to send you a Valentine by owl- Confused vampires, arrogant heroes and nostalgia for JK Rowling.

4. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe-

Long title but a short summer book about a deep and new friendship that might maybe be something more. I loved the role Ari’s parents had in this, and the two boys were so relatable in their confusion and denial. This book has it all- grand sacrifices, awkward moments, all from a teen boy’s perspective.

Why you’re my summer love– Seeing Ari and Dante’s friendship develop and change was delightful and though there were sad moments, the overal tone was hopeful. ALSo the setting was really interesting and the characters weren’t one sided. 

3. Honor Girlimage

This graphic memoir is the story of Maggie Thrash’s summer at an all-girls camp, where she falls for her counselor, Erin. The down to earth drawings and heart tugging prose makes it feel so real- and it is. Forbidden love never lasts, but between her talks with Erin and her hours at the shooting range, will Maggie find a way to make it work? Probably not, because she’s just a confused teenager being told by everyone to stop. Honor Girl is the first graphic novel I’ve read, and it was amazing.

Why you’re super cute- No one wants to relive those first pangs of love and heartbreak, but this funny and realistically told memoir will make you want to stay in Maggie’s world forever.

2. Annie on my Mind

Annie on my Mind, by Nancy Garden, isn’t beautifully written or amazingly plotted. But it is one of the first lesbian love stories ever published, and the tale of two sweet teenage girls just trying to love each other amongst the harsh homophobia they face from their friends and school. It was published in the 80’s, and has been banned and even burned. The love story is not all happy- it is at times sad and hopeless, but the message and the history of the book make it an important read.

Why we’re going to get each other matching Christmas rings- You’re cute, and sweet, and showed me that I and the rest of the LGBTQ community are normal in loving each other. Also parts are funny.

1. Eleanor and Parkimage

Though Eleanor and Park begs comparisons to Romeo and Juliet, this punk-rock 80’s story of two misfits and their impossible love is totally new. Eleanor has family problems, no toothbrush, and is bullied for her body and red curls. Park is half Korean and likes wearing eyeliner. Of course they’re doomed, but this story is the ultimate tale of love, loss, and being an outsider.

Why I stayed up all night with you- You are delightfully sad, super quotable, and impossible to put down. Both characters have strong personalities, and even some bullies are 3D. This is the love story.

You can be Han Solo,” he said, kissing her throat. “And I’ll be Boba Fett. I’ll cross the sky for you.”


Happy Valentine’s Day, and happy reading!!!!

-Rose image


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