The Rapid Fire Book Tag


-Charlotte’s Web

When I saw this book tag- my first- and decided to do it, the first place I saw it was on bookendsandendings.

Ebook or physical book?
In fifth grade I made a presentation on why I believed Ebooks should all be burned. Now I occasionally read books online, but I still prefer paper.

Paperback or hardback?
Definitely hardcover books.

Online or in-store book shopping?
In store, though I despise Barnes & Nobles and most other chain bookstores.

Trilogies or series?
I don’t read much of either, but I guess I prefer series because there is no definite stop.

Heroes or villains?

Heroes. Villians are fun to root for but good wins out in the end for me.

A book you want everyone to read?
I don’t know one that would make the world a better place or eradicate bigots, but I don’t think anyone could dislike the sweet graphic memoir Honor Girl, by Maggie Thrash.

Recommend some underrated books?
I would say Girl Mans Up, which is an amazing Young Adult book with not enough praise, and The Thousand Natural Shocks, which is a really good gay coming of age book that only has 18 ratings on Goodreads. Also Inkheart, which is one of my favorite YA fantasy books and everyone should read.

The last book you finished?

The Long Walk
by Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman.

The last book you bought?
I just bought A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, and was really disappointed by the unlikable narrator and unrealistic premise, not ending up finishing it.

Weirdest thing you’ve used as a bookmark?
My toothbrush.

Used books: yes or no?
Why not?

Top three favourite genres?
Science fiction, YA, and I’ve been getting really into memoirs lately.

Borrow or buy?
I go to the library almost routinely, but it is very satisfying to own books, display them, and reread whenever you want.

Characters or plot?

Long or short books?
Long, unless it’s over five or six hundred.

Long or short chapters?
I love short chapters, but if I’m really enjoying the book longer is better.

Name the first three books you think of . . .

by M T Anderson, Fun Home by Allison Bechdel, and Carrie by Stephen King.

Books that made you laugh or cry?

Beauty Queens
by Libba Bray made me laugh, Annie on my Mind (Nancy Garden) and A Monster Calls (Patrick Ness) made my eyes water. Probably just the wind, though.

Our world or fictional worlds?

Fictional worlds.

Audiobooks: yes or no?
Not really.

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?
Yep. Like every single time.

Book to movie or book to TV adaptations?
I feel like book to movie generally goes better.

A movie or TV-show you preferred to its book?
Maybe The Fault In Our Stars.

Series or standalones?
Standalones, almost always.






Thanks for reading!


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