How To Get A Girl Pregnant 

First of all, this is not a sex guide. This book is the story of a butch Chicana lesbian- Karleen- who wants more than anything to get pregnant. I didn’t think much of this sypnopsis, just saw it on iBooks for a car ride and it looks short and easy. But halfway though I was rooting for the main character so hard, we have little in common but the book made me sympathize with her in a way that I forgot a book could.

How To Get A Girl Pregnant is a true story that made me reevaluate my thoughts on pregnancy completely. Being a teenager, I always hear warnings on pregnancy. Use a condom, don’t have sex, think of your future. But some adults want very much to get pregnant, and can’t. This is such an awful fact. Before reading this book I really couldn’t fully comprehend that. All I knew about the subject was Monica and Chandler’s struggle on Friends with infertility.

One thing I really liked about How To Get A Girl Pregnant was the description of her relationship, with her girlfriend Hillary. She really didn’t over romantize their dynamic. Hillary already had kids, Karleen wasn’t their mother, and the pair was non monogamous. I thought this was a straight forward, very real representation of a modern day couple, and their struggles and day to day interactions.

How To Get A Girl Pregnant is a memoir, which specific details included- times, years, all presented in a way that feels natural and organized. This review is a little all over the place, but the book wasn’t, so you should definitely check out How To Get A Girl Pregnant. It is a heart wrenching, underated, and educational story that you will not soon forget.

“I didn’t know until that moment that I wanted a baby, but when asked the question, there was no hesitation. I knew that I wanted a baby like I knew I wanted to breathe, eat, live.”

-Karleen Pendleton Jimenez

Rating- 5/5
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Author- Karleen Pendleton Jimenez

“How do I get sperm when I look like a dude and I’m older and fatter than when I picked up guys as a teenager?”

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